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“Imagining the future together and realize it with the strengths of every single employee – that is an important goal for me as Head of Migros Klubschulen Zürich. Nobl Work contributed with a perfectly balanced combination between established management methods and appreciative team and people development that the Migros Klubschule realizes its vision strategically, structurally and most important: with the positive attitude of my employees.”

Pius Gruber, CEO Migros Klubschule Zürich

“Nobl Work inspired us with their strong and genuine attitude to promote innovation by understanding, appreciating and building on our strengths, enriching us with their outstanding knowledge of methodologies, their timely and proactive project management, and their enthusiastic ability to motivate our CEO’s in four continents and across traditional cultural divides.”

Gunnar Agust Beinteinsson, Vice President HR Generics at Actavis


elevating human strengths and organizational energy

Every organisation and every team has enormous but largely dormant potential. It is our nobl aspiration to awaken and energize these human qualities, to bring out the best in people and organisations! That’s why we focus on …

Agile Change

Leading organizational change agile. Develop meaningful visions and values collectively. Design a change management roadmap, empower stakeholders and enable the organization to transform.

Leadership Development

Inspire leaders and teams to make the difference. Connect people’s collective energy, elevate strengths, tap into virtues and excite for innovation, entrepreneurship and value creation.

New Work Lab

Experiment with work and organizational design principles of tomorrow. Master dynamic system thinking, lean startup, responsive org., agile, scrum, sociocracy and holacracy. And create measurable results instantly.


a team that's fun working with

We feel privileged to work with ambitious leaders and teams who change their world into a better place. We contribute with proven methods, research from neuroscience and psychology, lateral thinking, and entrepreneurship. Internally we follow the organizational principles of Sociocracy. Read more

Natalie Breitschmid

Natalie Breitschmid

Experience Enthusiast

Richard Pircher

Richard Pircher

Bridge Builder

Valerie Schneglberger

Valerie Schneglberger

Solution Scout


Ingrid Giel

Ingrid Giel

Communication Facilitator

John G. Kuenzler

John G. Kuenzler

Cultural Creative

Marcel Altherr

Marcel Altherr

Agile Evangelist





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Build highly responsive organisations, develop agile leaders and autonomous teams, inspire risk-taking and entrepreneurship, … that’s our passion.


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