Vision & Values @Migros Klubschulen
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Vision & Values @Migros Klubschulen

As a leader for educational services, Migros Klubschule Zürich decided


As a leader for educational services, Migros Klubschule Zürich decided to work on ist culture and organization in order to remain number 1.

Challenges & Goals

  • Maintain the position as a market leader for educational services in Switzerland
  • Increase the focus on customer orientation while fostering the business acumen of each Migros Klubschule member.
  • Defining a strong vision and definition of values, that is reflected in a solid strategy and execution.

Our Contribution

  • Value analysis of the organisation, its environment and future trends.
  • Co-create the vision (higher goal, audacious goal, core values and core competencies)/ basic philosophy in participative workshops.
  • Determination of the strategic direction with the corresponding business model, depicting which transformations are required, showing synergies and efficiencies and ensuring a clear Migros Klubschule profile.

Achieved Results

  • The strategy is consistently aligned to internal processes, capabilities and performance metrics to accelerate execution.
  • Goals are cascaded to business unit- and team level. Involving people ensures ownership.
  • A strategy map is formulated to define critical success factors, KPI’s and goals along different perspectives.
  • The strategy is cascaded into business unit plans and team plans through a strategic dialogue ensuring involvement and alignment.


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