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Vision & Values @SBB

The national railway company of Switzerland carries more than 350


The national railway company of Switzerland carries more than 350 million passengers annually and generates a revenue exceeding CHF 8.3 billion. Obliged to deliver two huge infrastructure projects by 2016, SBB decided to bring its four divisions closer together in order to empower all its 30.000 employees to deliver this ambitious goal.

Challenges & Goals

  • Communicate strategic goals to 30.000 employees in a way which not only guarantees a common understanding but also awakens a shared wish to achieve these goals
  • Assure that all divisions and employees work together effectively and pursue the vision as one team
  • Launching an energizing kick-off for the top management team, counting over 1300 leaders
  • Implement tools and develop a culture which sustains the high level of energy and goal-orientation for several years

Our Contribution

  • Kick off; prepare board and senior mgmt. on creating shared goals and values in a participative process
  • Development; vision creation workshops with in total 2’500 employees and middle managers.
  • Prototyping; testing the Vision in an on-line survey.
  • Communicating; bring the vision “alive” with an internal communication campaign, integrating people experience sessions, customer arenas, employee stories on ‘living the values’ and conducting leadership forums.
  • Roll out; helping SBB to roll out the new vision focusing on leadership development and vision oriented behavior including game-based team and customer discussions.

Achieved results

  • Vision creation involving ~2500 employees and managers
  • Creating ONE ‘gemeinsame Werte-Welt’ – one shared set of values for the whole organization. Breaking through political discussions and the status quo where all divisions had separate values. Values that had huge support within the divisions, seeing they had been created with employees and leaders participating.
  • Creating ONE Goal 2016. Help SBB to focus on customer satisfaction; an aspect where the organization has the biggest opportunity of improving, ánd the aspect that has the most energy of employees / managers.
  • Creating a Management Development Program for 4’000 managers to enable them to drive the results towards the ambitious goal.


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